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2001 Odyssey can't manually open power sliding door

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Have Odyssey 2001, most of the time, the power sliding door at the passenger side. can't be open or close manually. though rarely it work.

Opening or closing from the driver's control,at the dash board,
always works.

Anyone have suggestion where to check this door problem?
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Found this on Hope it solves the problem for ya.

"Here is an answer to a similar question I found:
I have a 2001 Honda Odyssey and have taken the van to the dealer to get the power door reset.... $50. There is apparently a breaker of some sort (not the electrical fuse) that causes the door to stop functioning if it has a problem opening or something causes it to stick when you try to open it. AVOID THE $50 CHARGE and the wasted time of having this "repaired".
To reset, I tried both of these suggestions below at the same time. I found these elsewhere online... not sure which worked, but the door is working again without a trip to the mechanic.
Posts elsewhere indicated that this worked on both 2000 and 2001 Honda Odyssey vans.

Suggestion #1
1.) Disable the power door switch on the left dashboard.
2.) Remove the power door fuses located under the front passenger leg area.
3.) Manually open and close both sliding doors.
4.) Restore the power door fuses located under the front passenger leg area.
5.) Enable the power door switch on the left dashboard.
6.) Try opening the sliding doors.
Suggestion #2
Remove fuse #13 (clock) for 30 seconds or more from the passenger side fusebox. This will reset the door and the clock."

Read more: How to make Honda Odyssey sliding doors lock open

#2 just worked for me
thanks for posting!

on to the next problem....
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