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2001 Odyssey can't manually open power sliding door

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Have Odyssey 2001, most of the time, the power sliding door at the passenger side. can't be open or close manually. though rarely it work.

Opening or closing from the driver's control,at the dash board,
always works.

Anyone have suggestion where to check this door problem?
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Assuming you can't open/close with the door handle. If that is the case it is two different problems. To open a signal is sent through the contacts on the front of the sliding door. You need to clean the contacts with a mild abrasive, pencil eraser or fine (600 grit) sandpaper. For closing there is a rod that goes from the handle to a switch in the lower rear corner of the door frame. When the handle is pulled the rod presses the switch starting the door closing. The problem can be caused by a lot of things, misaligned door, door rollers missing, switch bad or damaged, rod misadjusted, etc.
The fuse reset is to calibrate the door. It resets the controller. If the door will not work at all this will sometimes clear it if it isn't something broken. The reset is also used to calibrate the door opening and closing since the distance the door moves is determined be a rotation counter on the cable, not by limit switches.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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