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2001 Odyssey starts whenever it feels like it.

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My father's 2001 Honda Odyssey has about 210000km's and never been in an accident it has a replacement battery that was put in about 3 or 4 years ago. About a year ago the DRL light has come on and replacing the fuse would lead to a short term solution. I eventually decided to remove the fuse altogether after going through about 5 or 6 of them. Also the lights for the radio and for D4 go out randomly. Finally when turning off the engine the radio stays on for a few seconds to several minutes then makes a zap sound and shuts off.

Just recently and about every other day or so the van will not turn on. When turning the key it makes a constant clicking sound and the engine won't start.

Taking it to several mechanics and even the dealership, they have tested the battery, wires, starter, and alternator and determined that there is no problem with any of the components. They changed the ignition switch and now have changed the battery and wires and it is still doing the same problem. Is his Odyssey's life up?
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I'm stumped. I would have checked all that stuff, too. I just replaced a (+) side battery cable on our 1998 Accord (post clamp was in bad shape on the old one), and Honda appears to use great material in building these. It's also a pretty simple circuit (the starter circuit). I just don't know what else to suggest in troubleshooting.

Check out the post below, specifically the end result. Maybe your issue.
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