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Has your '02 or '03 Odyssey had tranny failures.

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    Votes: 226 41.4%
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2002-2003 Transmission Problems

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I've seen a few posts about transmission problems on '02 and '03 trannies. I'm hoping with this simple question we'll get enough data to see if there really is a problem.

Has your '02 or '03 Odyssey had serious transmission problems?
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18,000 miles and no problems yet.
Mine has the famous "reverse cold weather clunk" first time it's put into reverse, but I don't consider that trouble. Yet anyway.
Mine has been fine so far, but I have a neighbor with an '02 that had the tranny replaced at about 10K miles. They said the dealer treated them pretty well, at least as well as can be expected....
I wonder what it is with minivans and transmissions? I know Honda is not alone in this. My sister has a 2000 Town & Country that is on its 3rd tranny in 40k miles.

Is it a packaging issue (trannies must be kept small to fit) or trying to pull too much weight with front wheel drive? Just thinking out loud.:confused:
No problems on an 03 Ody.

GeoHawk said:
I wonder what it is with minivans and transmissions? I know Honda is not alone in this. My sister has a 2000 Town & Country that is on its 3rd tranny in 40k miles.

Is it a packaging issue (trannies must be kept small to fit) or trying to pull too much weight with front wheel drive? Just thinking out loud.:confused:

A 2000 Town and Country will most likely have tranny problems. It is a known problem with the Chrysler minivans.
The above links are broken for me. Anyone else?
Here are some notes by owners about transmission problems in 2002's from this site.
If links do not work, a search under the name of the original poster of each link will lead to the original full text posted.

mshinn reported on 9-25-02 that his 2002LX trans needed replacing at

zipsam reported on 9-29-02 2002EX L trans failure at 1200 miles at

Joel stated on 10-22-02 that his 2002 tranmission, "Failed at less than 10k miles, while returning from vacation in NC."

silverstreak has a 2002 with 12K Transmission problems
Our yellow/orange engine light came ... minor slipping in D3 diagnosed it as a transmission problem...

later added on 12 26-02
"transmission on our 2002 was just replaced. The mileage was about 12K"

Edward LoBello states on 11-8-2002:"We had Tranny problems... We picked up our 28k mile '02 today from the dealer with a rebuilt tranny in it. "

CivicFerio said on 12-24-2002 "My 02 tranny finally took a dump... It started to slip excessively when I got on it entering the freeway.. Then it went to limp mode and would not shift out of 3rd... It slips a lot in all gears and shift erratically..

sharifuddin said on 12-26-02 "transmiison on my 2002 EX went Kaboot. Been with the dealer since past 5 days, ...has only 9k miles..."

Ody-ranger said on 2-21-03,"I was just given the bad news ...2002 Ody needs a new transmission and a new pulley, the...still under warranty..."

Ody-ranger said on 5-9-03
The 2002 ODY has given me more problems than all my previously pre-owned TOYOTA vehicles combined (4). This is my first and last Honda ever.
I'm looking to go back to TOYOTA (SUV) as they have earned the top spot in quality.

douglaset said on 2-27-03,"Bought a 2002 back in November...took it two 2 Honda dealers in my city who both said that I needed a brand new tranny for 5-6k

PMcMullen said on 5-9-03
"Same problem with our 2002 Ody. At about 9K miles, transmission slipped out of gear at about 35 mph and wouldn't go into higher gear at all. 1 week later. This time the dealer saw the problem, and our transmission is now being replaced under warrantee.

htown said on 5-17-03
"Just had my 2002's transmission replaced under warranty with 26,000 miles on it. Dealer said it was an 'internal failure' (code P1740)."

smallah64 said on 6-18-03
"2ND Transmission 17,000 miles .
"finally at 14,000 miles it was undriveable. My local dealer in Coral Springs, FL finally replaced it.
"17,000 miles on a trip back from Orlando, it actually tried to backshift and power down dramatically between 50-70mph.

Z32 said on 7-01-03
"I finally had the tranny replaced (becoz of a leak)..."

vanc said on 7-1-03
" 2002 LX tranny that just failed at 22K. They dealer is replacing it with a remanufactured one...but the question remains - does the new tranny contain the original defective 3'rd gear clutch pack which exibits premature wear and failure or has the part been redesigned? "

SAHeath said on 7-15-03
2002 Transmission Died

SRS light remained on... No shift to duplicated problem. Rebuilt tranny to be installed after dealer gets Honda's OK. Seems duplicating problem not enough for Honda. They require other various tests which dealer would not complete in time today to get OK from Honda. Took delivery in Sep '01, 27.500 miles on it now.
And on 8-1-03 wrote:...transmission was replaced about two weeks ago at 27500 miles on '02 EX SS. Don't know if I can trust the replacement rebuild to go my normal 100k+ miles. Any word out there if rebuilts have also been re-engineered to include improvements to make them more reliable?

Reynard wrote on 7-16-03
acting a bit odd recently - sounded like it was hunting for gears a few times... Brought it in for service at 34,000mi (clock light was out, SRS light on) but wanted them to check trans and change fluid. Dealer called me... they did all the work, took it off the lift - and the transmission locked up. No further info available - apparently dealer is not even allowed to open it up - it just goes back to Honda.

ctgl wrote on 7-21-03:
I was very happy with my 2002 Ody with Tow Package which has tranny cooler installed by the dealer. The hitch was only used for bike rack...10 days ago, The transmission started acting funny. Gear changed unexpectly, with RPM up and down like crazy. 3 days latter, the engin light and TCS both came on. two years then I will kiss Honda good bye

bawj said on 7-22-03:
...replaced my tranny at approx 20k miles. I am very unhappy with the new tranny. It is not as responsive, is very clunky and obvious when shifting. Now, my Ody is beginning to cut out when around 50mph. I have an appt on Thursday to review with dealer and I will bring up the option of this vehicle being a Lemon.
but this is my 2nd Ody with various drivetrain problems and I am shopping the market to see what else is out there I may like.

dlafever said on 7-30-03
Just got the baaaaaad news today... but with 16,000 on the odo my 2002 EX-L ate its transmission. It started as a minor clunking under the driver's floor on acceleration -- turning into a major racket whenever more throttle is applied. .. though it might be a CV joint. I took the Ody in today for replacement. After replacement the thing is so bad they would not let me (rather provide a rental) drive it home.

canireturnthis wrote on 8-13-2003: 2002 transmission is toast...attempting to return from a 2,000 mile vacation my transmission failed. 45K miles on this 2002 EX-L. Prior to failure, it was checked twice by my local dealer, each time I was told that until something catestrophic happened, they couldn't do anything. Well, with 6 passengers in the desert of New Mexico, something definately was catestrophic. I STILL do not have my car, and Honda has done nothing but drag its feet on replacing my transmission and returning my car to me (at home in California). This is my third Honda. I have never had any major mechanical problems with previous vehicles, which I easily drove 200K miles each. I am so unhappy with Honda's Customer Service and turn around time, I may never buy another one.

nick wrote on 9-26-2003 about about his four trips to the dealer for transmission failure causing engine revving to redline and then jerking into gear, lost ref#'s, days lost from work, no loaner and no repair yet.

twiggy144 said on 9-28-03:
I had a check engine light to, and I noticed the slipping also.
Dealer said I needed a new tranny. Was covered under warranty. Had 28000 km at the time

wik009 said on 10-7-03 had a tranny problem on 2002 oddy.
Mine (2002 Oddy EX) was replaced a month ago at 23,000 miles and the dealer mechanic pointed the finger to the after-market tow-hitch as being the cause. I used it for right angle bike rack, mostly,

aforeign said on 10-7-03 02's tranny departed at 21,500 miles. At 45-50mph, and then trying to accelerate, the van would feel like it was out of gear(like it was in neutral). The engine would just accelerate. Then after stopping at a stop light, it would seem to re-set itself

bcuinohio said on 10-9-03:
just turned over 25K and just got a new tranny.

Ulysses said on 10-18-03
"We have a 2002...Our transmission went out two days ago, with exactly the same symptoms as wik009 and others. It felt that the transmission was on neutral"

The poll is 13.07% problems as of 10-18-03. Not small number.
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:( I have a severe case of cold weather clunk on my 2002. I mentioned it to the dealer but it is fine by the time I get there.
When we got into the severe cold and the Ody wasn't run for several days, I did get what I thought was a minor clunk when I shifted the transmission into reverse for the first time. I found that if I shifted the tranny first into drive and left it there for 10 seconds, then into reverse, there was no clunk, just a smooth shift. It has worked every time since.

i have 24,000 miles on '02 and no trans problem. actually like the way trans really is smart and learns your driving habits.
10,500 miles on my '02 van, and no problems so far. It's almost one year since I drove it off the lot.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

26,000 miles on a 02 EX purchased oct 2001
no problems
I wonder how many more threads and polls we can start on
'02-'03 transmissions? Jeez! Wish they could all be placed in one area like has been done on some of the other car forums that have transmission issues. It would seem anyone including Honda employees looking over this transmission issue would find it hard to reach any conclusions based on what I've read. The poll shows no owners reporting problems but some threads do.

Would it be possible to get this topic organized into one area that might prove useful in getting Honda to take actions as they did on pre-'02's if action is warranted?
Just a thought.
Bumpety, bump, bump.
30k miles, no issues.
Re: Problem still there

JERRY2 said:
I just had a conversation with this guy who owns a (Well known Transmission Shop) The Honda is having this same problem with her cars and vans. Go to Honda or
AutoFan must not be a very popular site. I count one transmission problem total reported on '99 to '03 Odysseys and Five total on '99 to '03 D-C vans.
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