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2002 buying decision

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I need your collective knowledge and advice.

First, does anyone know of a UBS type buying site in or near California? UBS is some sort of buying service available only in the Maryland area, sponsored by certain employers. CMMEYERS got his Ody for:

Model : SS 2002 EX
Region : Baltimore, Maryland
Price : $24,668 (includes destination charge)

That's an incredible price (but he waited close to a YEAR, I think). I won't be needing a new van for a year, so I too can wait.

If I can't find a service similar to UBS, then I will go ahead and get a new van sooner. This brings up the second question. Does anyone think that the Ody prices will be the same or decrease in the coming months? Is anyone seeing the dealers softening their "MSRP only" stance?

A third question which will also affect the timing of getting the new Ody is when Honda will flush out the initial start-up problems in the new Alabama plant. I've heard the start-up is in November, so my vote for solving the initial problems is in Febuary. What do you y'all think?

Sorry for the long post. All your opinions are appreciated!
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I'm not positive but I think there are similar organizations around the country, perhaps under a different name. Some credit unions work out the same sort of deals.

As far as price, it's really hard to be sure. Especially if you're considering trying to project out as much as a year. I suggest that if you go that route, you negotiate a guaranteed percentage off MSRP or a fixed Percentage over invoice. One of my local dealerships has had two 02 GG LX setting on the lot for almost two weeks. That is very unusual for this area. I stopped by another dealer today hoping to spot a RRP and they had 1 02 SS EX ody in their display area (btw, the paint was perfect). That is also unusual. A number of people have posted getting MSRP - $500.00. That is not unheard of but the number of reports seem to be higher than normal.

As far as the new plant, November is supposed to be the target. If Honda does their job correctly, I don't think there should be minimal effects of the start-up in the market place. The biggest hit will be in lower output for the first 2 to 6 months. Certain quality criteria must be attained. The issue will be how much extra production time and re-work will be needed to produce that quality at a profit.

Just my opinion.

2002 RP EXL-RES Soon!
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Odyman, check out the link (below). They work with credit unions some of which are in CA. Good luck!
There used to be a UBS in Irvine CA. I can't find them in the phone book, however I will try and drive by their location to see if they are still there. They are a membership buying club, and they have sent us invitations to join a couple of times, so they might have an unlisted number.
I was told by my local dealer that the price increase for the 2002 base EX is $350.
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