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I need your collective knowledge and advice.

First, does anyone know of a UBS type buying site in or near California? UBS is some sort of buying service available only in the Maryland area, sponsored by certain employers. CMMEYERS got his Ody for:

Model : SS 2002 EX
Region : Baltimore, Maryland
Price : $24,668 (includes destination charge)

That's an incredible price (but he waited close to a YEAR, I think). I won't be needing a new van for a year, so I too can wait.

If I can't find a service similar to UBS, then I will go ahead and get a new van sooner. This brings up the second question. Does anyone think that the Ody prices will be the same or decrease in the coming months? Is anyone seeing the dealers softening their "MSRP only" stance?

A third question which will also affect the timing of getting the new Ody is when Honda will flush out the initial start-up problems in the new Alabama plant. I've heard the start-up is in November, so my vote for solving the initial problems is in Febuary. What do you y'all think?

Sorry for the long post. All your opinions are appreciated!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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