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I will be taking delivery of our new MB EX-L RES next week (wk of 9/24/01) and will be changing out the stock 2002 EX alloy wheels to Honda's accessory 16" wheels. (Dealer won't take them back in exchange, rats!!!) Technically, these wheels will be removed at the dealership before I take delivery of the vehicle so they will be new, never used. I am asking $100 per wheel (H and A is selling them for $124) plus shipping and they must sell as a set of 4. (I'll be putting them on Ebay in the next few days but wanted to see if any Odyclub members might be interested in them beforehand.) E-mail me if interested at [email protected] (nights & weekends) or [email protected] (weekday) Thanks.

Try posting this in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum (at the bottom). Might get some takers down there.


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