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2002 EXL-RES MB with 2500 miles. What a trip.

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It was a bad time here in NY. Airports were closed, reservations canceled we had made plans a year ago for our Family Vacation. My family and I made a decission 2 days after the bombing we got in the Ody and drove to Disney World. We picked up our Ody on Mon Oct 3, and with reservations to fly being cancelled we figured it was a good time for a road trip. I was able to walk out my front door and see the towers before this tradegy. With close family being Ok and not knowing of the loss of some friends, we were Fla. bound.
Let me tell you with 5 passengers the trip was nothing but a pleasure, quiet ride smooth acceceration and an entertainment system for the family (24-27 miles to the Gal. didn't hurt!) Our 1100 mile journey was well worth the trip. No complaints hear!

*God Bless America and our thoughts and prayers are with all the Familys involved in this Tradedgy.
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Picked up your Odyssey on October 3rd, drove to DisneyWorld and back in time to tell us about it on September 29th? I know the 2002's have more horsepower, but I wasn't expecting time warp.
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It's silver--and the doors don't slide, they scissor up....
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