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2002 LX no tinted windows?????

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The 2001 LX and EX Odyssey both had the same tinted windows, now as I look at the 2002 brochure I see the LX (I put my deposit down already) doesn’t have the “heat rejecting” windows that the EX has.

When I look in the front where all the Odysseys are profiled, I can’t see a difference in the window tints. The 2002 doctored/recycled LX pictures used from the 2001 brochure have the same tint in the 2001 procure pictures.

Has anybody seen an actual 2002 LX to compare the tint to the EX version ??????????

Now I’m wondering if the interior will be getting hot or scorching in the summer.

I’m having second thoughts on buying the LX.

Any and all comments appreciated.
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My only thought is that you will probably not be able to see any difference. I've seen tint film that was heat-rejecting and non-heat-rejecting, and I couldn't see a difference. I'm not really sure what they do to reject more heat. Just reducing the light MUST reduce the heat somewhat, so it won't be a huge difference between the two windows, I'll bet.

This is, however, just one of the many reasons I went with the EX.

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