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2002 Ody from S. Jrzy!!

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Wussup fellow Odyssey owners:cool:

Name is Joe and although I am not new to Honda,this is my first Odyssey and I will say I love it.I am an avid car builder wit a 95 Accord coupe fully customized and I recently bought the RL1(02 Ody) for my next build.

I have 20yrs in the body and fabrication business,so I do all of my own work,so wit that being said..HELLO:hi:...looking forward to meeting some new peeps and sharing some info...
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Welcome! As you've probably guessed, the majority of our builders are in the 1995-1999 Forum...but we have a few of the Gen2 types who built some nice rides, inside and out.

See you on the forums!

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