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2002 ody power windows module reset

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Has anyone successfully reset their power windows module after replacing passenger window motor regulator, because the passenger side switch does not work up/down,
The master switch drivers side switch only works up and no down, anyone else had this type problem and how did you get it to work? After doing some reading and searching, the power window moduel needs to be reset, but I do not know the location of it. Thanks..
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i got a chance replace the drivers side master switch and still the same problem. one strange thing was that i notice the heater seat was not working also, i did find the blown fuse, replaced it and its back to normal operations, but the passenger side remains the same.

would any know where the power module is located in the vehicle? because i am totally out of the ideas..

That's probably why the reset didn't work, I do possibly remember fitting the window switch plug/grey into the speaker blue plug. I did check and trace for 12v power on the passenger window switch plug, it was present and trace to fuse block on passenger kick panel. Do think any of those diodes in the passenger window switch can be bad? It was mentioned that the circuitry of the power window systems start from the master drivers switch to the passengers. Side. Since the drivers control for passenger side only works the window to go up and the down does not work, so shouldn't concentrated on the drivers side? Thanks,
Where is the multiplex unit? Thanks
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