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I've noticed this morning on my 2002 Odyssey with 100,900 miles, that when the Idle is below 700 rpm and if the aircon is turned on there is a ticking/clicking noise coming from the compressor after the clutch engaged. The aircon works for awhile but after pushing the on and off control switch couple of times, the compressor seems to disengage. I turned off and started the engine again then turn on the aircon, but this time the compressor clutch only engaged for couple of seconds then disengaged again by then only the blower works and no cold air. At the same time the blower only turns on to the full or auto temp and full speed settings and not in between settings. I performed the trouble shooting recommendation from the Oddyssey repair manual and found out that the compressor works because it clicks when I jumper pin 1 and 2.

According to the manual the clutch is being controled via the relay and the relay is being controlled from the PCM. I placed the voltmeter neg probe in pin 3 (-) and the pos probe to power (+) terminal then switch the ignition to "ACC II" then read the meter. There's a voltage reading for a couple of seconds but then went back to zero volt. Does any body encountered this type of problem before and got it fixed. I appreciated any information regarding this issue.

Thank you

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