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Hi Everyone,

I am a newbee here at Was hoping to get some help... My wife owns a 2002 Odyssey EX and she just loves it! However, I wanted to upgrade/install a Rear Entertainment System (RES) in my wife's van (not the VES system). I purchased a used RES from eBay (Radio, DVD and Overhead Display - 2002 OEM parts). This morning I took the old radio and cup holder out of the dash and installed the other radio. All went well until I started to install the DVD. I cannot find the wiring harness plug for the DVD to plug it into the DVD player.

Does anyone know if there a seperate and distinct wire harness needed for the Rear Entertainment System? If there is, does anyone have the part number? Does the wire harness include the wire going from the DVD and Radio up to the overhead display monitor on the headliner? What other problems / suprises can I anticipate?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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