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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I was just assured again today that my dealer has already put a factory RES into a 2002 for an EXL-Nav customer. Fully integrated just like the factory unit.</font>
If I were you, I'd insist on seeing it with my own two eyes.

Chances are, he's saying the words RES but what he means is i-VES or something similar.

The Honda RES is integrated into a special head unit that won't go into a NAV equipped car. There's nowhere for him to integrate the RES into.

Here's one: ask him if the rear seat occupants have full control of all functions, including choosing the separate rear source material, from the control panel attached to the monitor.

And ask him if the remote control came with a plastic holder that clips inside the rear seat pocket.

Ask him how many wired headphone jacks are in the back (3). Ask him if they each have their own volume controls (yes). Ask him if the AUX audio/video input jacks are next to the wired headphone jacks (yes). Ask him where the wired headphone jacks are (under the flip top by the magic seat on the driver's side).

Ask him what happens to the rear speakers when you engage the rear system (they automatically turn off). Ask him how to turn the rear speakers back on, regardless of what the rear source is (push and hold the REAR PWR button on the RES head unit).

Ask him if the rear speakers can play a different source than the front speakers can (no--the speakers are all tied together such that they all play the same source).

Fully integrated, huh?

I think you're getting a load of crap, myself.
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