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2002 Roughness during acceleration

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We picked up our 2002 Odyssey a few days back. While driving I notice that there is some roughness that I can feel at the throttle pedal especially during initial pickup and while accelerating. Is this common ? Will this smooth out after the initial break-in period ?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for all thos replies.

I don't think it is due to traction coming
on, since I have not driven in wet weather as yet.
Currently my van has about 200 miles. It seems to feel better. I think it might be due the new engine. The engine seems to be settling and starting to feel smoother. Though it still feels slightly noisy while accelerating, but this might be normal. It might be just a different feeling for me after driving a car (buick regal 3.8L v6 which seemed smoother).
Thanks again. I and my family love the van. Will keep you all posted if I see any thing.


2002 SS EX-L
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