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2002 Roughness during acceleration

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We picked up our 2002 Odyssey a few days back. While driving I notice that there is some roughness that I can feel at the throttle pedal especially during initial pickup and while accelerating. Is this common ? Will this smooth out after the initial break-in period ?

Thanks in advance.
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I received my new 02 EX-L in December. I have noticed that around 40-45mph, I can feel a little tension in the foot pedal then a sudden release. I have been trying to watch the RPMs to see if they drop all of sudden, like a gear change. (hard to do w/ kids in the back and trying to keep from meeting someone's back-end). But i do believe this may be normal. Also, I haven't driven a front wheel drive in 15 years, so this may be one on those "front wheel kinda of feelings" I am going in for my first service in a couple of weeks and I plan to mention this to servie dept(just to make me feel better. Hope this helps.
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