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It's sitting on the showroom floor at Hugh White Honda, and I love that red.

But get this: they gimmicked it up, which in and of itself isn't objectionable as they don't automatically gimmick up every car and force the charge on the customer, but this was really gimmicked up:

  • I-VES
  • Kelton subwoofer
  • Alloys
  • Roof rack
  • Cross bars
  • Bike holder for cross bars

But no CD player even--tape only--and no alarm system.

Anyway, the total tab for this thing was--get this--$28,664.

First of all, the I-VES looks hokey. It's that black plastic hump on the floor in front of the dash, and the black looks ugly against the gray dash.

Secondly, another thou gets you: an EX with DVD instead of VHS and with LEATHER instead of cloth; the integrated head unit that includes CD; PLUS all the EX goodies like power doors and security system and all the nice touches.

No doubt someone will buy it, but man. People, look at the value equation carefully. I don't think this has as much as an EX-L-RES.

And after seeing the quartz cloth, I am SO glad I went with leather. There is no question about it, the quartz leather compares to the cloth like a BMW compares to a Hyundai. A *used* Hyundai.
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