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2003 EX-L Dash backlighting issues

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Dash backlighting does not work. At night the entire dash is black, not the safest way to travel with the family:( I believe at night I should have backlighting on the clock, radio, climate controls, DVD eject button and obviously the gauge cluster.

So, with headlights/running lights off:
There is backlighting on the climate display and the radio display. Also the drive selection light is on (in the gauge cluster).

With headlights/running lights on:
There is no backlight on anything (except a very, very dim light on the 2 radio displays, the DVD eject button and DVD 'opening light').

Also the DVD player stopped working, the radio does not acknowledge it in any way and it does not accept a DVD. The screen is black. This may or may not be related.

I've checked all the fuses (w/ volt meter). I've checked all of the grounds that I can find in the entire vehicle and all of the connectors/harness 'union' points that I can find. I've found 5 burnt out bulbs amongst everything in the entire dash (that would have a bulb/backlighting) and I've replaced all of those. I've heard several electrical problems relating to the driver’s side underdash MCU, maybe that’s the problem? And yes, I've tried the dimming dial - lower left hand side of gauge cluster.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!