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Well Chaz, I can't say that I blame you; myself and many of my mechanic friends view the early-mid 90s as the golden years of Japanese cars as you have personally experienced. I don't think anybody will ever build cars that simple, reliable, and long-lasting again. On the cars built today, will the in-car electronics still work in 20 years, and if so, will any software/firmware support still be available? HAH!

I just took our 2001 Odyssey on a road trip this past weekend (snow/ice on the way back, fun) and it is a tremendously good road trip vehicle, despite the time-bomb transmission. I looked at the 1st-gen Odys, but they are too small for our needs and I absolutely wanted SLIDING rear doors on both sides. The parking spaces in our area are so tight that it would be very difficult to extract the kids from the back with the rear swinging doors.

If you are looking for a used Odyssey, I'd personally go for a 2007+ model, as that is when it got a beefier transmission (one which I believe is shared with the Ridgeline). The PAX tires are a big bummer, however, but that can be remedied.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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