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2003 has trouble climbing a hill.

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Hi there!

Ours is a 2003 Odyssey with about 65,000 miles on the clock.

Lately is has shown some trouble climbing a long grade, which is more or less steep. In the past the minivan has had no trouble there, but as of two or three weeks ago, it feels slow climbing and is sort of shudders, like if it had a dirty spark plug.

On flat streets it also feels kind of slow. I've also noticed that the transmission shifts a little bit hard among the gears.

Because of traffic conditions it seldom shifts to 4th, let alone 5th gear.

Thanks in advance for the advise.
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You should put a scanner on it. There may be already a pending code which might give you a clue.

A good injector cleaner such as Techron or Gumout_Regane is always a good idea. I always try couple of strong dosage before doing any serious diag work.

- Vikas
Can you buy a cheap scanner from They start as low as (approx) $30 on sale. A good one will run you slightly over $100 but if the dealer charges you $200 for a single incident, you need to invest that money on your own scanner.

- Vikas

P.S. Aren't you the person you rebuilt your own IAC almost from scratch? With your ingenuity you *deserve* tools and toys :)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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