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Car remote will lock and unlock car but car horn no longer 'beeps" when pressing LOCK on key fo. Locks will lock and unlock.
There is a "clicking sound" in the AC system when thermometer setting is set above the COOL and key is in ignition.
Low beams do not work. High beams work and running lights work fine. It started with the passenger side low beam light going out. I have replaced the bulbs and it seemed to solve the problem but now both low beam lights are out although the Highbeams still work.
Passenger rear pop out window does not work and I hear a clicking sound from the window but it will not open when driver door Window button is pressed.

Troubleshooting work performed so far:
I have researched this electrical issue on the web and and have checked the steering column harness and I noticed no burnt wires or burnt wire smell. I disconnected teh connection to the light switch on teh steering column and plugged it back in no improvement.
Replaced both bulbs - worked for a little while. Low beams stopped working although high beams work.
I have checked all fuses- no blown fuses.

I am trying to see if anyone else had similar issues and what did you do or check, troubleshoot?
I am trying to do all I can b4 I take van into dealer to troubleshoot.

Please help. Thanks:DD
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