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I am asking for a bit of advice, our EXL is a blue teal metalic color, Leather, heated seats, electric sliders,DVD New timing belt,water pump,all pulleys, and main serpentine belt , New Tires. It is clean and garage stored.
If I don't want to pay the piper for a transmission job and sell it as is what would you say it would sell for? I changed the oil every 3500 miles and the trans 3 times with two flush jobs for a lost cause. It was driven Gently by my wife. I consider her = to Grandma's driving speeds. slow on the pedal as well. I never drove the car except one time to Disneyland. Can anyone give me a idea of its value? It is a very nice looking Van. Everything works great except the trans?

Thanks in advance for the direction here, I am looking at the cost of repair vs another car with low miles.

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