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don't forget the valve adjustment... check the motor mounts

Another thing suggested by Honda, is to check, and adjust if necessary, the valve lash.

I just did my "105k" service this past weekend (and the trans filter too)...

I also replaced the motor mounts (front and side). I was starting to get some harsh shifting and vibration, and sure enough, both mounts were torn with some fluid leaking... I could actually move the engine pretty easily BY HAND...

Much smoother now...

I know Honda says "no flush", but they a lso say "no servicable filter"...

Why does anybody think a "flush" is a bad idea????

The flush is usually not a "power" flush, its just a replacement of fluid while the trans is running, using the transmissions own pump to pump out the old fluid and suck in the fresh fluid...

So, why do some think this is bad, or any worse than a drain and fill, or replacing the filter than Honda doesn't want replaced???
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