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2004 honda odyssey 108,000

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Hey everyone.

Need some basics on my used 2004 Honda Odyssey 108,000.

I was told by the dealership it would need the timing belt services, spark plugs and possibly the trans fluid flushed. I was told also that this model there is no filter on the trans. Is this true.
Edwin Vargas:)
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My Honda dealer calls it a "flush" too so, I'm not sure why others say it's bad either. You would think the dealer would know what's best for the tranny. Mine has 130K and is still on the origional tranny too. Other stuff is falling apart (lately, the a/c compressor) but the engine and tranny are fine!
As for valve lash, I felt the engine was running fine so why bother? Plugs and TB (+tensioner and w-pump) OTOH are necessary (unfortunatly and not cheep) .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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