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Aloha fellow ODY CLUB members, I seem to have an annoying issue with the idling on my 2004 Odyssey, any help would be deeply appreciated.

After DYI cleaning of the throttle body and performing the idle relearn, I've now got a fluctuating idle issue in park/neutral.

So I take it for a test drive hoping the ECM/PCM will do its job and start learning, after 20 minutes of driving I stop and manually shift into neutral, fluctuating continues.

I drive around for about another 10 minutes when check engine/TCS light pops up on dash, now my Odyssey is having symptoms of vibration during the shifting, especially on the down shift around 20 & 40 mph, hunting acceleration, and it doesn't help when the TCS light comes on with the check engine, it makes the symptoms worse in my opinion, not to mention it's also eating way too much gas.

I take it to Autozone to get diagnostic, and code comes back as PO505.

Okay.. So I decide to replace the (IACV) with a new one because I've had this code pop up before about 1 year ago, and some of the symptoms of a bad (IACV) were now starting to appear, this is what initiated the throttle body cleaning.

After installing the new (IACV) I start performing the idle relearn, yup, you've guessed it, LOL.. The idle still fluctuates in park/neutral.

I take it for a test drive, and guess what?.. I'm still getting the exact same results as the first time, check engine/TCS light, hunting acceleration, vibration on down shift, etc.

I've tested the (IACV) for resistence, voltage & fuses, I've even ran a (TPS) sensor test, throttle body checked out fine, no drop in signal, electrical, or voltage, I've checked for vacuum leaks and found none.

At this point I'm starting to believe it might be a ECM/PCM issue, but it just keep giving me the same PO505 code after every relearn process.

So I cleaned and put the original honda (IACV) back on, performed idle relearn, it drives better, but the idle still fluctuates in park/neutral, but not as bad/rough as the new replacement part.

I've cleared the codes with a OBDII code & scanner tool I picked up, but it still fluctuates in park/neutral, and after driving it for a day I've gotten no check engine/TCS light so far.

I've been reading a ton and watching videos on idle relearn as well as the (IACV) in this matter, but no one seems to have any real problem solving answers, or even this type of anomaly.

I don't know, but I'm finding these issues to be all very strange after only cleaning the throttle body & replacing a new (IACV).

Can someone please tell me why my odyssey is refusing to perform the idle relearn process??..

In my opinion, the idle relearn process is the only thing that doesn't seem to be working.

I'm I gonna have to perform a Odyssey drive cycle test next??.. LOL..
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