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2004 Odyssey EX reverse light question

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First of all, hello everyone! I'm terribly sorry that my first post is a question, but I am really stuck here.

We love our new-to-us 2004 Odyssey and have installed a Pioneer AVH-3300BT head unit that can connect to a backup camera. We've wired up a Boyo VLT300 license frame camera and it does display on the head unit, but we cannot find a wire that is hot only when the reverse gear is engaged.

I've searched and found threads that suggest various wires to tap into to do the job, but nothing has worked. We've beeped out every single wire from the driver and passenger footwell and cannot find any wire that is hot only in reverse. We did find one that goes hot in any gear (that is, not park), but that obviously doesn't work.

Our car is an EX without navigation. Can anyone help? I'd really rather not run another wire to the back of the car -- that was a horrid job..

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The backup lights are in the tailgate as well as the license plate. Run the camera light wire through the license plate light hole and connect to either the left or right backup light. They are Grn/Blk wires. The display can be wired to any ignition on hot wire ( accessories socket). If it works like mine it will come on when it gets a signal from the camera (or when you drive by a house with a security camera). You have to remove the tailgate inner cover to get to the wires.
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