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2004 Passenger Side Mirror

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My wife hit a parks dept truck with her side view mirror.

I found one in a junk yard on line for $60.00 in the matching color but its more scuffed than mine.

The mirror, clips and maybe the mount plate that goes into the actuator are gone on the one on the car. The actuator has a hole in the middle, looks like a screw was in there. The actuator works.

Is there a way to get the mirror and the panel off the one I bought and not damaging it. I would rather not take apart the door to replace the whole thing.

What I see now is 4 rubber pieces top, bottom, left, right with a hole in the center of the actuator. But the actuator moves.

Maybe I'm missing a actuator cover, back panel and mirror. But the new one has these items. Can I dismantle the new one.

Any ideas...
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