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2005-2006 Ody Service Manual

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F/S: 2005-2006 Ody Service Manual

I just traded my '05 for an '11. So now I'm trying to sell my snow tires (which don't fit the '11) and factory service manual.

Anyone on these forums interested in the service manual before it heads off to ebay? Looks like H&A has it for $58.80 (and also says it's the same manual for model years 2005-2007) so how about $30 plus actual shipping? I don't know what that'll be yet, but I'll get you a firm shipping cost if you're interested. In fact, it looks like it'll fit into a Medium Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, which is $10.70. So that'll be how I send it, unless another shipping option is requested.
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SOLD! :)

I still don't know what to do about my snow tires. I have them on craigslist, and so far, I've had two offers that were frauds. In fact, I'll cut and paste the email I received so you all can get a chuckle out of it.
Here it is, so beware of this person!

Nelson Moore <[email protected]> said:
That's really nice to hear but do you think you can come down on the price a bit so it wont hurt my pocket too much. I would appreciate it if you can send me more pictures of the item if you still have more with you.Had i not been too busy at work with my boss not wanting to take his eyes of me, I'd have come to pick the item up myself, but nevertheless someone else will pick it up for me.I'll pay for the item by certified money order which i will purchase from the post office,just give me your name and an address that I'll send it to and your phone number also and my perm will issue a check.all you have to do is cash it from your bank,remove your charges for it because the check covers both your payment and my picker's.After you have successfully cashed the check and have your payment at hand,you deduct your payment then please send the rest to my picker so he can use it to coordinate the picking up arrangement. When you send him the balance, he'll come to your house for the pickup.Am out of town doing business for my company and presently am in don't worry your head about the shipping,my picker will do that once you send the money.I look forward to hearing from you ASAP. I am waiting for your swift response.Please kindly consider it sold
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