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so, i've been ghosting your group for a while and y'all've been extremely helpful... figured that i would put something here as a way of thank you. it seems that all those links that go through the honda estore are always broken, but i've found that if you are in Maryland for a day (for whatever reason;) that you can visit the chilton library that they've so generously hosted online, with nearly identical to the OEM manual stuff for free. it's quite exhaustive and has helped me extensively so far. the chilton publication on the other hand is nearly garbage in comparison (i have it stored in the car just in case i'm stuck in-transit, though)
please read entire thread carefully but only if you are interested, there are details

is the home site
navigate to "services" once you make it to Maryland
click on "research databases" because we have some research to do

be sure to select the appropriate county for your Maryland GPS coordinates since you are in Maryland, of course...

from here i recommend opening the chilton library in a new tab, you may get timed out and have to, you know, revisit Maryland

now when you are in Maryland you just select the option "use my location" it will take you to a secure load in page that prompts you for your vehicle information. you'll have a little while to browse the manual (and as long as your parent tab has Maryland coordinates subsequent tabs will too...)
I recommend "print page" and "save as PDF" to help with any timeout problems you may experience until you are done researching.

of course, if you happen to leave Maryland before you finish whatever business you have there just be sure to visit again... any state that so generously hosts important information like this free to the public is certainly happy to have tourists.

important for correct GPS coordinates
if you are having trouble looking up your Maryland coordinates online, there are "developer's tools" for that.
on many browsers you can pull up those tools by hitting the "F12" button in a new tab or new window, or clicking through the appropriate menus to the more advanced sections that show the coordinates that your browser is using...
in Chrome they are listed under "sensors" and you may have to click through the "various 3 dots stacked vertically buttons, usually located in the upper-right hand corner of the browser window" to find the option to select "sensors"
Many times that pathway is: click on 3 dots stacked vertically in the upper right hand corner (it looks like a "." with a ":" on top) "more tools" ---> "developer's tools" click on new 3 dots stacked vertically (with the mouse over label of "customize DevTools") ---> a new "more tools" option and finally "sensors."
"sensors" has a read/write drop down menu next to "location" just make sure that you are selecting your appropriate Maryland coordinates for the county that you are visiting ;)
In Maryland the Latitude is approximately 39 Longitude -76 Timezone ID US/Eastern and the Locale is en_US. Make sure that you carry out that decimal place on your Latitude and Longitude to the appropriate 6 digits to the right of the decimal. it doesn't hurt either to save your "custom location" via the "manage" button in case you have spotty internet service like i do, i swear, sometimes my browser thinks that i'm half-way across the country for some reason... man do i hate that.

good luck and please use responsibly

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btw, current problem hehe current problem...
07 ody, all the hallmarks of that lovely c703 connector mentioned in
service bulletin 08-708
opened it up and had standing water in the space from seal failure. incidentally found water trickling in down the A pillar close enough to the passenger floor/ side fuse/relay box also from seal failure (roof rack) in the process of diagnosing this
i probably still need to redo the driver's side roof rack while i'm at it.
drying and packing the connector full of dielectric grease did not solve the issue with the whole slew of electrical component failures that i've been having thus far, i'm indicating a(n) (addtional?) gauge control module failure via the B CAN codes atm, post swapping fuse boxes, drying out that connector, cleaning up every ground that i can find on that portion of the wiring harness and checking every fuse and relay on in the vehicle that i can find multiple times and replacing the battery.
so this may not be an exhaustive list of the broken components but i will work off the top of my head and update this later:
both radiator fans weren't working correctly hi/low (fixed?)
parasitic battery drain, high beams, turn signals (emergency flasher works fine) wiper high speed, ac blows warmish, driver's power locks, power sliding doors, key fob, rear accessory plug, outside temperature reads ----, TPMS light is on (probably unrelated), and when sniffing fuses with a test light some don't light up even when the corresponding component is energized (i think) i will update this list with the fuse numbers soon some of those might be extras anyway. i dont have voltage on all those wires in the connector (probably not supposed to? but i would think that more of them than i am showing should...i'll find the diagram when i get a chance)
B CAN codes b1155,1156,1156,1158,1159,1160,1163,1164 and "50" all of which indicate the gauge control... after all i've done, is the gauge control something that i might have shorted out chasing the rest of this down? i did have water both in the front right side and left rear and i haven't torn apart the driver's side roof rack or the panel there on that side to know if it also failed, i mean hey at this point why did i leave any trim in there, right?
OBDII codes
62-01 generic battery code "battery voltage high" on new battery
(reads 13.7-14.07 or so depending on where its being read?)
83-01 "ECM/PCM relation failure" maybe also indicating that the gauge control module is not communicating? also possibly and/or implicating the PCM or
the instrument cluster looks like it lights up/works fine to me?

definitely got a lemon with this one, had to buy something fast after the hurricane took out our last ody '02 (loved that one despite it's tyrannical tranny) and by all indications this one was in an unreported "fender bender" and that little detail was missed by the mechanic (who was a friend of my wife's family...etc) who checked the car out for us.

So, i guess im asking if its possible/worth it to swap out the gauge control module with a used one without the lovely HDS (here it is legal as long as you report real mileage from that standpoint) i.e. are there compatibility issues or check sums that would keep it from working (im willing to desolder/solder board components if i have to and i think? i can figure that out...
and/or same thing for the PCM?
or do i rip out the rest of the trim and look for that one corroded ground that i haven't found yet? maybe replace the battery (+) terminal wiring?
maybe its time to invest in a bidirectional scan tool, suggestions??
maybe i just wait a couple months for hurricane season to (also) take this problem off my hands?
Stealership was starting above $1k just to look at the problem before i even found the water intrusion, said that i "needed a new computer" for it. i hate to even think what they would have charged all said and done now that i've plugged both leaks and replaced the passenger side MICU along with just about every fuse and relay...(was told that didn't require any reprogramming)
there may yet be a bad relay somewhere? that's where im looking next since i didnt see voltage that i thought i should have?
im kinda deep into this one as a DIYer so far so i kinda hate passing it on to a mechanic that would have to start all over, but with a fresh set of eyes idk?
mostly, im posting this in case i do stumble into something that helps someone else in this position...and any advice is also appreciated. will update every couple days if progress is made or at minimum to indicate a terminated thread. thanks for reading.

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I tried over the weekend to get the links to work and I could never get to any of the pages. Kept getting the error "not authorized to view this page". I do have a copy of the 07-09 Service Manual.-- . The problem with uploading it is the size of the pdf.The manual is in two volumes. Volume 1 is 463 MB and volume 2 is 121 MB. I just don't have a place to store a file of this size where you (or others) can access it.
Does the service manual show how to lower the rear of the headliner to replace the antenna on my 09 touring model. Thanks for help
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