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NO trouble lights on dash. After reading the forum I was convinced it was the micu. (I had recently dropped an entire large drink adjacent to the micu.)
My neighbor has a super OBD2 reader, which showed
(1) 61-10 Open in the drivers seat belt buckle switch (Seat belt was replaced last year under lifetime warranty by the dealer, so that could be related.)
(2) B1222 Short in the rear mode control motor circuit. (Recently I had a major spill & clean up right where you open up to check but the rear AC/Heat & blower are working fine.)
(I've only had 2 spills in the van since I traded cars my daughter. Both potentially bad locations.)
Two different checks showed my battery was going bad, so I exchanged it.
Sliding doors were getting suck & not opening. I cleaned & l lubed doors, which resolved the issues if I opened and closed with the driver's button. My remote will lock & unlock all doors but doesn't always open or close the sliding doors.

My 15 year old grandson thought the problem was master switch for the front drivers door. He took off both the drivers & passenger switch but didn't find a problem.
I questioned the door jam sensor & I called to order a new one but couldn't find my credit card.
So we drove around a lot, making note when the lights would come on & the doors unlock. We found if we really jiggled the driver door, the lights would flicker & the drivers door open light appeared on the dash.
Upon close investigation he found a some small dents on the drivers door where the seat belt had probably caught in the door. We marked the door jam sensor & closed the door. A very slight indentation was right on the mark. We found a quarter size sturdy felt pad used to go on chair legs to protect wooden floors. It fit the area perfectly & the door closed tightly. We drove again & could not make the problem appear. I did not disconnect the battery last night & the alarm did not go off. (The low was only 43 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) No problems when I drove today.
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