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I've had this 2005 Odyssey EX-L for just over 2 years. When I got it, owner said it had been using small amounts of oil (1/4 qt every 500 miles) that the dealership couldn't trace. I found this to be true and I couldn't deduce where it was going- no visible leaks, no blue smoke, etc. Oil consumption continued and then about 6 months ago we started seeing some visible signs. While driving, maybe every 20/30 miles, a huge billow of blue smoke comes out, and then nothing for another bit. Seems to be building up somewhere and then dumping all at once. Spark plug in cylinder 3 shows signs of burning oil.

Around 4 months ago we had an instance of emissions light coming on, flashing, and rough running engine while going up a hill. Pulled over and after sitting for a few minutes started up with no problems. When I got home codes read were for misfires in cylinder 5. I pulled plugs and coil packs. Replaced these as precaution as I had found oil in spark plug well on cylinder 3 (which I thought at the time to be cylinder 5, wrong diagram) and thought it might be shorting out or ruining coil packs. Planned to do valve gasket and plug seals job soon. Car ran great for awhile.

I didn't have the time to fix it properly so kept driving it until last week- I have replaced plug in cylinder 3 a couple times in last few months when it gets fouled from the burning oil mystery, causing emissions light to come on. Switch the plug and its ran fine.
Last week same thing happened with emissions light came on flashing, rough running engine. However, this time I couldn't get things to run well with coil pack or plug switch. Pulled it open and replaced valve cover gaskets and spark plug well seals thinking it may just be the oil shorting things out with coil packs. Nope. Still running on what sounds like 4 cylinders. Got codes read: misfires in cylinders 3-6 and random misfires.

All plugs and coil packs tested and good.
Compression is low (90ish) in 2 cylinders (3 and 6). Decent in others.
Im not driving it but when started just runs on 4 cylinders and then emissions light starts flashing after a minute of running.
Engine runs the same when disconnecting coil packs on 5&6, apparently not firing there. Others were firing.

Thoughts? Anyone had similar issues?
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