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I'm not looking for racing upgrades here, but compared to my '99 the '05 needs some help. The G2 was lower and seemed to have a wider track but not caring about the real numbers we're working through driving perception right now.

I'm a Legend driver most of the time and have used front strutbars and rear tiebar upgrades to make the handling much better on those cars. I also feel like the '05 could stand to take a 1 - 1.5" drop to help bring it down to earth and into a little sweeter handling car.

I've searched and there's a lot of forum noise that kept me from drilling right into the strut bar / lowering interest I have.

I have looked at the front strut bars offered and frankly wonder if they do anything to help since the strut towers are so close to the firewall and likely plenty stiff. Who has a strut bar and did it make any improvement to the frontend handling?

The lowering part is pretty much a no brainer, the '05 is up like a truck so I can't help but assume the slight drop on H&R or Eibach would work out fine... though I guess i'd need to flip the hitch around on the receiver!

I welcome links to other threads if that is easy since it would close the loop on this thread and still get me the info I'm seeking.

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