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I just ran into a somewhat intermittent shake problem on a 2006 Odyssey EX-L and successfully repaired it.

It was very repeatable under these conditions:
  • accelerate to ~70mph
  • let off accelerator and coast
  • at ~65mph down to ~50mph, the van would shake (sometimes very hard) in the front end
  • if I applied any throttle at all during the shake, it would go away
  • ECO mode had been disabled with a VCMuzzler
  • we changed tires and wheels (from another Odyssey), with little change
  • it didn't matter if I was in 5th gear or 3rd gear when coasting down from 70mph
  • slightly swerving (to load up the suspension) or braking lightly didn't seem to affect the shake
  • I replaced the driver's side axle shaft. The problem went away.
Hope this helps. I was betting that it was an engine mount problem, but it wasn't.

2007 Odyssey EX-L
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I had an interesting, almost opposite problem just fixed a few days ago:

  • accelerating from 50-65mph, under load, the van would shake
  • letting go of the accelerator and coasting, the shaking would decrease significantly but was still present
  • applying throttle past 65mph would still make the van shake but not as bad as ~50-65mph
  • ECO mode also disabled
I was ALSO betting that it was an engine mount problem since the shaking got worse whenever I hit the gas. My mechanic thought it was a wheel balance issue. I was skeptical but had im perform the wheel balance anyway. Surprisingly, the balancing lessened the shaking significantly (so I guess the wheels were out of balance anyway) but the shake was still there.

I took it back and he thought it might be an axle problem, but checked the axles and thought everything was fine. He road tested the van for me and felt the shaking. Checked the axles again and there was a very slight bind on the driver's side axle only at a certain position. Replaced the driver's axle, and my problem also went away.

BTW - my mechanic said that he's never seen an axle with such a slight, almost undetectable imperfection at a very specific position cause such a problem. So, definitely have the axles checked carefully if you have a shaking problem!
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