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2006 odyssey 3rd row seat won't latch down

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I just picked up a used 2006 odyssey for the family and I noticed that the 3rd row seat (wider side) won't latch properly to the floor anchor latches. I check the alignment of the latches and all seems good and tight which led me to believe that there is something wrong with the seat latches themselves. I can make the latches lock properly if I push in the little flip out carpeted latch panel assembly in from its fully protruded position. It would appear that this carpeted latch assembly/carpeted panel protrudes too far forward making the latches "miss" the latch anchors just as the seat is ready to lock down. Is there an adjustment I can make to bring in that flip out panel with the latches?

I yanked off the carpeted panel but I can't anything obvious that I can adjust. I saw on the net that in 2005 there was a TSB for this issue but Honda here in Canada can't seem to find any TSBs related to that matter.

Honda service tech hasn't seen this issue before (according to him) and figures that the degree of how much that latch panel flips out can be adjusted via cables.

Hopefully someone here can help me out with this.

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I've asked dealership again to look at my seat and they're stumped as to why the latch goes out further than its supposed to.

Someone here MUST'VE seen this problem before. Rather odd that my van seems to be the only one that has this issue?
I have bought a Pre-owned 2006 Honda Odyssey with 100 K miles on it and I just noticed today that the 3rd row seat (Split seat), the wider seat is not latching down. I am not sure what could have been wrong with it. I removed the 2nd row seats and un-latched the 3rd row seat to put into the trunk space. After completing detailing, this morning I am trying to put all the seats in place, but I could not fix the 3rd row wider seat. Is there any adjustment possible with the latches? Please share your thoughts.
stevescivic - I have the same issue. 06 Ody with 100k+ miles. For the past 4 years, the 3rd row psgr seat latch mechanism is too far forward, missing the floor anchors. Dealer had no way to fix or adjust.

I attribute it to allowing the seat to "drop" onto the floor latches too many times, causing the mechanism to now be too far forward. I've been doing what you describe, pushing the latch mechanism back slightly to allow it to latch.
Have same problem with 95000 mi 2005 Ody. Started at 75000
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