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2006 Touring with NAV want to add XM Tuner

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I've looked for hours to find an answer. My 2006 Touring has NAV and Entertainment, but no XM satellite radio. Several threads say that the XM was included in this model. My radio has no XM button, and it is also not on the NAV audio display. There is a "kit" for other 2006 models, but not the Touring. Is the XM tuner already installed in the system somewhere?

If not how to I add it to the system?

Thanks, this one has me stumped
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Moved to the dedicated audio/video/NAV forum. Please post in correct forums to prevent a LOCK on your future threads.

The 2006 Touring (at the least the US Spec one) SHOULD have the XM integrated and you should have the XM button. IIRC, 2005's might not have had XM but there are threads on here saying the 2006 Touring R&N have XM from the factory as you've already noticed.

Perhaps you posting pix of your radio will help identify if the radio was replaced for some reason and hence you lost XM?
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