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I am finally free of the noisy Michelins. The new Goodyear comfortread touring tire literally tranformed my van. MUCH quiter and smoother.
Yes, I am aware that just about any new tire is quiter than the one you are replacing, but this is my third set of tires, and I noticed the last new set of Michelins weren't any quieter than the old ones.

The tire guy told me that the comfortread touring tire was out because they have had some out of round problems with the regular comforteads on heavier vehicles. At any rate, I love them.

I do not notice any difference in handling characteristics, but then again I drive my van like a....van, not an Indy car.
Mostly I notice sweet freedom from the ridiculous amounts of road noise and tire drone I had with the Michelins. Don't get me wrong, you can still hear some road noise, but the reduction in the amount is remarkable.

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