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Hello everyone. So here is the issue:

When we go to start our van (to either cool it off in the van or heat it up before we get in), We open the sliding door to put our little one in and there is a constant beeping sound. It can only shut off if you flip the switch to the off position and then you would have to manually close the door or close the door and the beeping goes away. I doesn't do it with the van off. It's driving my wife crazy.

So if you have any thoughts or fixes about this, please let me know? Could it be a fuse? Debris? The doors close just fine though...I'm at a loss and not finding much online.

But does the door open normally? So, it does not beep if you open the door when car is NOT started, but it does when you start the car?
Is it same behavior when the gear is in "N"? (or does the beeping goes away)
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