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Three very short questions:

1. Are these the correct parts for the oil drain plug and the matching washer:
- BOLT, DRAIN PLUG 14MM Honda P/N 90009-PY3-000
- WASHER, DRAIN PLUG, 14MM Honda P/N 94109-14000

2. How often need the AT fluid needs to be changed? I think the last one my was changed was in September 09 when the torque converter got replaced. Since than I drove about 20.000miles. I think the AT fluid needs to be replaced every 30.000miles, correct? Or better sooner than later?
Does the AT filter needs to be replaced as well?

3. A local Honda repair shop recommended to do a A/C service (checking for leaks, replacing the cooling gas or whatever it used, ...). Here in GY they recommend doing it every two years. Is it something I should do as well?


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