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2007 Ody - opinions on rear shock replacement (KYB vs Monroe)

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I have about 75k miles on my van and whether the rear shocks are in good condition or not, I'm going to replace them now. I've been considering both the Monroe Sensatrac and KYB GR2 shocks. However, I've noticed that the part number I keep getting for Monroe is 37288, which aligns to the OESpectrum product line from Monroe. Does anyone know if Monroe simply rebranded the part, or if this is an inferior part now?

There haven't been any recent threads on the topic of longevity with the Monroe shocks, vs. handling with KYB. I haven't seen any consensus on KYB being too stiff or ok, and I'd really like something that is higher quality than OEM but lasts longer.
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The KYB part number for 2005-2010 Ody rear shocks is: 349091. The reason I know this is I paid a Honda dealer to troubleshoot a horrible clunk I was getting over bumps @ the passenger rear corner of our 2008 Odyssey LX. It wound up being a bad shock. They wanted something outrageous for an OEM Honda shock, but offered to get something aftermarket when I balked at the price. I've got the factory shock on rear left and a KYB on the right. Wonderful right? LOL. Funny that the dealer didn't even suggest replacing both sides. I didn't care to at the ~45Kmiles the van had at the time anyway. She rides/handles nice either way!

Kyb is preferred or the one I'm about to put on
Any time I've replaced shocks on my other vehicles, I've always used Monroe Sensa Tracks. They always offered a good, controlled ride for me at a good price.

Does anyone know the correct part number for Monroe Sensatrac's to use? Based on Monroe's site and anything else I can find, the part number for 37288 falls under the OESpectrum product line, which at least does have a lifetime guarantee but may not live up or be the Sensatrac dampening and/or quality.
Yeah I see that. As far as I know, it was always the 37288 part # for the rears, but Monroe changed the product name. I wouldn't worry about it. You can guarantee it will be a better product than the factory shocks.

Yeah I see that. As far as I know, it was always the 37288 part # for the rears, but Monroe changed the product name. I wouldn't worry about it. You can guarantee it will be a better product than the factory shocks.

Thanks Joel. A deal just came up today from Advance Auto Parts so I bought 4 Monroe shocks for $119 shipped, will take the "shocktober" rebate from Monroe, and now I have two extra Monroe shocks to sell to another Odyssey owner in the area. If I don't like these, I think Monroe also has a guarantee and will refund the cost when you buy replacements from another brand, which of course would end up being the KYBs.
I Installed KYB's love they way they feel so far. Paired up with the H&R sport springs. ordered the set up from Tirerack.
I have owned many different Toyota Trucks and have used both KYB and Monroe. KYB is a better built shock. The Monroe's never lasted as long and the ride wasn't as controlled.
My experience with Sensa Tracks has been poor. I personally don't like the ride they deliver and they are best suited for an application where the driver wants a "floating" driving experience. Maybe Monroe has a non-Sensa Track shock for the Oddy that would provide a firmer ride.
Well, the Monroe Sensa Trac / OESpectrum 37288 shocks are installed. Compared to the existing Honda shocks, they already feel more firm and the initial impact going over speed bumps small and large in my neighborhood shows them to be relatively firm even on initial impact. I know I'll need to give them a few hundred miles to really see how they feel and break in, but so far so good.

Speaking of, if anybody wants a pair and is in the SF Bay Area, or wants to work out shipping (FedEx residential ground would probably be reasonably cheap for these), I have a pair for sale now. I went ahead and bought 4 to utilize extra discounts and collect on the rebate, so I'm selling the pair for $50 + shipping.
Recently I felt a big clunk in the rear whenever driven over my driveway, sounded like it was bottom out. So I Just installed KYBs in the rear last Friday and while the car feels more planted on the freeways or around the curves, I still hear small clunks over bumps when sitting in the back. From this, I think the KYBs are stiffer than stock (I don't remember if it was this way when It was brand new). I'd expected the original shocks were really really bad but they weren't. One has free play for about 1/2 inch at fully decompressed but both still compress with force and decompress normaly. The car has about 115k miles.

Some thing I learned from the installation, When removing (I used a hammer with a big screw driver to tap it out) the shocks from the lower stud, make sure the shocks are fully compressed (as short as possible). If not, at some point it will just stuck and if forcing it out, I was afraid it might mess up the thread of the stud. Just use your hands to compress it and quickly tap out the lower mount while it slowly decompress.
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So far so good. Monroe's are definitely a little firmer on the initial impact of little bumps, and soak up the larger ones smoothly and consistently. Both of my stock shocks appeared to be okay, no leaks or anything, but slow to rebound and much easier to compress by hand (pushing a lot of weight onto the ground) than the Monroe's.

If anyone wants a pair of Monroe's, I got a good deal on buying 4 (used a coupon + get rebate) so I'm selling a pair of brand new ones for $50, plus shipping (seems to range from $10-20 depending on where you are in relation to the SF Bay Area). Will meet locally or I'll be in the Los Angeles area this weekend.
Not sure why I can't edit my post. Just to update that the old shocks were very slow to rebound, too.
Not sure why I can't edit my post. Just to update that the old shocks were very slow to rebound, too.
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Hmm...Isn't that just wasting space. This web site has slowed down a lot already in the past 6 mos., I think because of the banners.
I've been running sensa tracs on the rear for two years now, no complaints.
Soon to be replacing the rears on our 2007, thanks for the info.
Just replaced the rear shocks in our 2007 Ody, the driver side was completely shot - I compressed it after taking it off and it never budged the whole time I was putting the new one on and the van back together.

I ended up going with KYB, model 349105.

Here is the one I mentioned above about me compressing it and it never moving - this was about 30 mins after I compressed it.

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I replaced mine T 90K with KYB. What a difference in ride over OEM. Much smoother and more confortable ride than before. I used Monroe in the past and they do not last as long as KYB
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