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2007 Ody - opinions on rear shock replacement (KYB vs Monroe)

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I have about 75k miles on my van and whether the rear shocks are in good condition or not, I'm going to replace them now. I've been considering both the Monroe Sensatrac and KYB GR2 shocks. However, I've noticed that the part number I keep getting for Monroe is 37288, which aligns to the OESpectrum product line from Monroe. Does anyone know if Monroe simply rebranded the part, or if this is an inferior part now?

There haven't been any recent threads on the topic of longevity with the Monroe shocks, vs. handling with KYB. I haven't seen any consensus on KYB being too stiff or ok, and I'd really like something that is higher quality than OEM but lasts longer.
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My experience with Sensa Tracks has been poor. I personally don't like the ride they deliver and they are best suited for an application where the driver wants a "floating" driving experience. Maybe Monroe has a non-Sensa Track shock for the Oddy that would provide a firmer ride.
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