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Hello all

I have been lurking around this forum for a while and got a lot of help with the few problems I have had with my 2007 EX-L (non-touring). Now is my turn to give back.

I have been irritated by the stupid TPMS Idiot Light lighting up twice a year when comes times to change my winter and summer tires/rims. What gets to me most is that Honda, in all its wisdom, is essentially forcing us owners to pay $50 per season to reprogram the TPMS sensors. It's ECU does not "learn" new sensors like German cars do, or even NA cars do. We need a "special tool" says Honda and "only the dealer can do this programming". Well, this is not true.

I learned of ATEQ Quickset tool while searching the net and purchase it for about $250CDN. I purchase it in March 2011. I had already purchase Honda (OEM) tire/rims/tpms sensors at the beginning of the 2010-11 winter and Honda had programmed the TPMS sensors for the winter wheels; their ids were thus already in the car's ECU.

ATEQ Quickset does only 2 things: It can read sensor Ids already in a car's ECU or "push" new sensor IDs into the ECU. It cannot read Ids from the rim themselves (you need a new tool and most tire store will do so for you).

So in March, I connected the ATEQ Quickset to the car's OBD port and was able to read the winter IDs. I made note of them. I also had the dealer, in April, install the summer rims (with their own sensors). I then proceeded to read the code with ATEQ's Quickset tool and also took note of this.

So I had 8 sensor codes stored (I confirmed these codes using another scanner that reads the code directly from the sensor. ATEQ lend me the tool as I was troubleshooting a problem I had with my other car, an Infiniti - but this is beside the point of this post as this is not relevant to Honda).

This weekend I installed the winter rims/wheels. I drove around and the TPMS lights was flashing. This is the light that looks like a tire with an "!" in it. Flashing means there is a problem with the TPMS sensor (not a low pressure problem).

First I tried "pushing" the new winter codes into the ECU, to no avail. A few emails to Bruno from ATEQ and he asked that I download the latest software (v3.2 beta 4) (The tool works with your laptop and you use it to upload or download the code from the tool to the laptop or vice versa).

FYI - The software that worked with the Ody was "Version 3.02 Beta4" - V and the database is "20110920".

So here is what I did, step by step:
Since the idiot light was flashing, I still wanted to confirm that the tire pressure were all the same, i.e. 35psi. Exactly what they should have been. So I went back inside the house and...
1) I uninstalled the old Quickset software first (version 3.2, Beta 1).
2) I downloaded the new software (beta 4) from Ateq's site, and unzipped the files.
3) Prior to installing the software, I updated the handset tool's software by connecting the tool to the computer and running the file QD1-42g.exe that was part of the download. It informed me it was successful.
4) I installed the Quickset software, Beta 4 in the default folder (as proposed). I also downloaded and install the driver for win7.
5) I launch the software. Nice new interface. I did not have to manually enter sensor IDs as they were still saved on the computer (the Beta 1 software was uninstalled but apparently not the files with the Ids and car - odd).
6) The handset was still connected to the computer so I uploaded the IDs onto the tool and went to the car.
7) I turn the car ON (engine off) and just then got interrupted (kids...). The car was ON for at least 5 or 6 minutes before I came back to it.
8) I connected the handset tool after these said 5 minutes interruptions and its light was flashing green. This means that there is a connection. The Idiot light on the dash board (i.e. the one with the "!" in a tire) was also flashing (as it has been since I swap tires). I pressed the "Winter" button on the tool. In fact, I had to press it 2 or 3 times because the ATEQ handset's green light was still flashing. Odd. After the third try, it became solid green - which it is supposed to. At that time, I was sure it hadn't work because the TPMS idiot light (i.e. the one with the "!" in a tire) was still flashing on the dash board.
9) I turned the car off
10) 10 minutes later I started the car. I had to run errands and drove it for about 5 to 7 minutes at a relatively low speed (less then 60km/h).
11) After about 5 to 7 minutes of driving, the light went off. I started the car and turn it off a few times. No idiot lights! I have been driving it since Sunday and no lights! Yes!

I am not sure what I did differently this time compared to a few days earlier when the exact procedure did not work. Perhaps Beta 4 was the solution. Or, perhaps updating the ATEQ handset tool did it (yet I had done so with Beta 1) or leaving the car ON for 5 or 6 minutes before connecting the Handset. Last, perhaps it was driving at speeds below 60Km/h did it. No idea but it works. No more paying $100 per year to the dealer for tuning off this light.

Thanks all


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Thanks for the tips! The ATEQ is actually not so user friendly despite how little it is actually doing. You're right that it cannot learn or read new sensors. It just recognizes the ID of the sensors the car knows... and just like you said, lets you swap the ID numbers (that you have to aquire somehow) of the 2nd set of TPMS valves.

For new ATEQ users, you can actually write down each TPMS sensor's ID from each valve, next time the tires are off the rims. The ID's are like serial numbers of each valve (but unfortunately, the tire or the valve must come off to see it). If you're smart enough to write it down somewhere, then the ATEQ can help keep you out of the dealership.

In other words, next time you are getting tires changed, or if you have a 2nd set of TPMS sensors for your summer or winter wheels... WRITE DOWN the ID numbers of the TPMS sensors! ;)
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