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2007 Trailer lights issue

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Hi guys - I'm hoping some of your wisdom can help me solve a problem. I've got a 2007 ODY that has a factory (omg expensive hitch) installed. It's worked fine for 1.5 years, and now is completely dead at the flat four connector. (I confirmed with a volt meter). I suspect I shorted out the non led trailer lights.... live and learn right? My questions are:

1) Is this factory conversion box in the left panel fused anywhere? Or does an electrical short blow the box itself...

2) If I do have to replace the box, can I use the Etrailer oem kit? 39 dollars? and just pop it in? or do I need to shell out 79 dollars for the honda replacement.

Any insight would be greatly appreciate.

-Brian in Portland
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think I solved my own problem and thought I'd pass this along to anyone else that has trailer light issues on the 2007 factory installed hitch.

the control box is located on the left side of the rear hatch near the tire jack. open up that lid and you'll see a small box suspended. the interesting thing is on the harnes itself, there is a small factory spliced fuse 7.5A that says "optional fusing". I guess my installer added this option.... sure enough the fuse was blown and after a quick change, works like a charm.

there is no fuse in my driver side front fuse box btw.

cheers to all!

Similar problem and fix

My trailer running lights were working, but not turn signals or brake lights on trailer. All lights okay on the van. According to dealer there are fuses in the rear by the jack and on passenger side on pillar under dash. The passenger side fuse was okay.I didn't recognize fuse by jack, it looks like an unused connector for an extra option on the van. That was the fuse that was blown on my van. Replacing the fuse there allowed the turn signals and brake lights to work on the trailer.
In my 09 Ody all the lights were working on the van, and the turn/brake lights on the trailer - but the running lights on the trailer were inop. Based on your success, I looked for (and found) the 7.5A fuse labeled "optional fuse" in the box inside the passenger door. Now it all works. Thanks for the tip!
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