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I just purchased a 2008 EX-L with Navigation. Based on several website reviews I was under the impression that the 08 EX-L and Touring had phone integration. Turns out only the Touring does..
I searched the internet and this forum, and it seems as if I only have two options:

1. Installing a third party integration, like Motorola or Parrot. It would integrate with the car stereo, however not use the screen for presenting the phonebook, showing caller id, etc.

2. Installing the Honda retrofit solution, which would not even use the stereo.

Is there a way to retrofit the phone integration as it exists in the Touring? Since the car has a Microphone for the voice control I would assume there would be minimal changes in the wiring and additional hardware requirements. Or is does the head unit need different software that just can't be installed in my car? Or do I need a completely different head unit.

I apologize if that has been answered before, but I did extensive reading and couldn't find an answer.


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