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2008 driver side rear sliding door will not open or close, neither by button or manually.

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My Odyssey has about 150,000 miles on it...........been running well. Suddenly, driver side sliding door will not open.........not manually, not by push button or FOB. I checked the problem there. The warning light in the dash is lit as "Sliding Door". I saw a Youtube video that said the sensor in the fuel opening could be the problem because if the fuel door is open, the door will not slide in any manner to prevent damage. That sensor is depressed when the fuel door closes. I tried depressing the sensor while activating the key FOB to see if the door would move just slightly........nothing. I watched a Youtube video that demonstrated how to change the sensor. To replace the sensor the inside panel in the rear on the driver side must be removed to get to the slide door stopper sensor cable. That seems to be the most logical solution...........does anyone else have any suggestions? Appreciate the wisdom of the collective!!

2005-2010 Honda Odyssey 74380SHJA01
Honda 74380-SHJ-A01 Cable, Slide Door Stopper Sensor
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Have you seen the stickied megathread?

The slide door light disables the motor when illuminated. You can use the foil trick shown in this video to read the code. Report back with what the code is and we can help further:
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