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2008 Odyssey Noise when car in Drive/Reverse

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Please do help. I am going nuts here and the dealer is a bit unhelpful.

We have 2008 Odyssey EX. Recently when I parked the car inside the garage (where obviously in closed space acoustics are better and you can hear things better) I noticed there was a noise coming out of the engine bay when the car was in Drive or Reverse. While car was in Neutral the noise would stop. It could be triggered in Neutral below between 750 and 1000 rpm (barely), but as soon as I shift to D or R the noise comes. Car has 25,000 miles, receives synthetic oil every 4,000 miles, and tranny fill and drain by Honda every 7,000 miles. Driven mostly highway.

It is difficult for me to describe the noise except to (of course) first say that it drives me nuts. Its a new car and I want to enjoy it. The noise is noticeable when the car is in Drive or Reverse but the car is not moving (i.e. just parked in garage or at a stop sign).

The noise sounds like....."constant creaking noise", kind of like that buzzer when your laundry machine signals that your laundry cycle is over (only constant?). That's the best I can describe it.

It appeared week or two after power steering fluid change but the dealer says he checked power steering and its fine (dealer cannot replicate the noise of course). I cannot locate the noise - its just comes from engine bay but it I had to choose which side of the bay I'd say the right side (the side where the Power Steering Fluid is located and the v-belt etc.).

Any ideas? I am really (for this and myriad other reasons with 2008 Ody and 2008 Accord we have) pissed off with Honda and modern cars in general these days. I still have 2.5 year of financing on both and I take very good care of them as I like the to last.

Its just, its a new van and I'd like to enjoy it and I simply cannot (its also my personality I guess) if its not working as a new car should - smooth and without annoying noise.

On top of that, going to the dealer for me is highly "emotional" experience as I simply expect to be f.... with. For example, I left them the car few days ago (car has Lojack and notification if car was moved) and they claim they test drove it twice. When in fact - they did it for few minutes once just before they gave me the car back telling me they could not replicate the problem.

I will keep trying with the dealer, but if there are any of you out there who can help - please do.

Thank you.
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Unfortunately none of those sounds "match" what I am hearing. The sound I hear is more "crackling" I guess....

Thank you very much for your post.
I would recommend to go test drive another used '08 Odyssey and actually park it in your garage and see if that one makes the same noises too. The dealer doesn't have to know (for common sense purposes) that you have an Odyssey already. Tell the dealer that you want to see if it fits in your garage.
It could simply be the acoustics in the garage that is creating all the noises.
My Taurus SHO sounds like I'm starting a Ferrari when I start it in the garage.....ok maybe not a Ferrari but you know what I mean. :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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