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2008 Touring--good buy or money pit?

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I have a chance to trade out of my 2004 EX-L-RES with 114k miles into a 2008 Touring with 9k miles for a good price. I was pretty excited until I started reading a little online and seem to see alot of complaining about issues, particularly torque converter problems, but also just alot of low-rent issues that I'm not sure I'm prepared to deal with. To be honest, the current van has not been immune to issues with the cheap parts inside and out (vent windows anyone?) but mechanically it's been stone cold reliable. It is giving me alot of those tell-tale signs and think it's time to get out while the getting is good. Wondering if anyone feels like sharing any concerns about buying a 2008 model or good experiences as well. Any tips for things to watch out for on a 2008? Thanks for any help, it's a huge purchase for me, don't want to get burned if I can help it.