Extra nice 2009 EX-L, Silver, 114k. most service records are available via email. Timing belt done at 101,580. 69k miles when bought in 2016. Muzzled soon after purchase.

Most of the mileage has been on road trips - 3 western trips of 6k to 7k miles, 4 or 5 trips to Rantoul, Illinois (about 1500 miles each), two trips to Cleveland, OH (about 1700 miles each), several trips to West Baden, IN (about 900 miles each).

Motor mounts have been described as weak but shop has not advised replacement yet.

1000+ miles on Continental TrueContact tires replaced on 5/25/2021. Car has only been lightly used since pandemic started.

No body damage except for scratch on rear bumper. No paint problems.

CD changer replaced with used unit. Has not been used since.

Folding tray has been replaced with console. (folding tray still on hand if you want it)

Most service records are available via email if requested.

More photos can be furnished if requested.