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I have done search and didnt find anything.

My wife drives 2009 odyssey. What happens (inter mitten issue) While driving the VSA light (check light) will come on and the van will buck or cut out and then back. You have to pull over and thru the key off and back on. then there will be no issue. Last time in the shop they said they couldnt find any codes on the computer.

I have had this happen to me and it happens just like my wife says. But before he started I heard something like a Ping or metal to metal ping just before it started. Nothing was hit. I was about 4 mins into the drive and was only doing 45 to 50 mph.

Pls help. Want to make sure this is corrected.

I see this but cant view the web page.

Got VSA DTC(s)? Reseat the VSA Modulator-Control Unit Connector
Currently Applies To: ’09 Odyssey
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