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2010 exl tpms questions

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First post here at the odyclub so Hi everyone.. The ody pilot in the house had to have a winter tire set up so she bought a set of bridgestone blizzak and had them mounted to the stock 16" wheels. The origional tires were at 45k so it was time for new rubbber (although i bet there is another 10k to 15k in the 2 that can off the rear).

My thoughts are to upgrade to another set of wheels and tires in the 17" or 18" size for the non winter month. So if i get another set of like MDX rims and a set of TPMS will I just be able to swap out set of wheels and tires each winter and have no issues or will I have to get the TPMS reset each time I change the wheels? I have read post that you have to have it done each time so is that true for the 2010 model year?

I guess if it need to be linked up each time I change sets of wheels then i should take the TPMS out of the winter set up and run them without and put the TPMS in the wheels used for the majority of the year and just live with the light on the dash through the winter?

thanks Mark
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Thanks droach.. For the time being the TPMS are on the origional 16" wheels with the snow tires and everything is ok for the moment. I did buy a set of MDX Tech wheels for the upgrade to 18" and they come with the MDX TPMS still installed. Will these TPMS be ok to use or will I have to get new Honda ones?
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