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I have a 2010 Odyssey with 16,000 miles. The fuel pump went out about 6 months ago (less than a year after I purchased the van) at about 8,000 miles. I had to have it towed from my driveway. Dealership replaced fuel pump.
Now, the car shut down completely while I was driving. I had to turn off the vehicle and restart it. Then it just shut down and I was not able to restart. Thankfully I wasnt on I busy street so no one was behind me. The dealership could not start the vehicle initially when it was towed in. Now they say it works perfectly and they cannot duplicate the issue. Although, they agree it sounds like a fuel pump issue again.
I am afraid to drive it now. I have small children and am worried that it will just shut down again while driving.
Anyone have these issues before?
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